How do we change for the better?

"The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water"
Sigmund Freud

Understanding ourselves is a key step to improving our performance but how do we do that when so much of ourselves is hidden from view - even to our own consciousness?

Doug Lennick and Fred Kiel suggested the use of the 'Freeze Game' in order to combat this issue. Training ourselves to reflect in the moment and acknowledge thoughts, feelings, or actions that were at odds with our goals and values.

However, remembering to stop and reflect is an exercise in and of itself. which is why we created Icebergs.

How can Icebergs help?

Icebergs is a simple Chrome Extension that can be used to help train yourself to use the 'Freeze Game'.

Icebergs reminds you to reflect and asks two simple questions:
-What were your thoughts/feelings/actions?
-Are they aligned with your goals and values?

Take a step forward - try Icebergs

Built by Todd for Lerikos